Injured? Think Before Posting

Social media is a fact of life. Every day people share their victories and misfortunes, including injuries received due to another's careless driving. But this can be a serious mistake.

If you're forced into an injury lawsuit after the other side lowballs your claim, their lawyer will gather up every available piece of information about you. This will include your relevant social media posts, some of which may be later taken out of context and used against you.

Given this, we strongly recommend to our friends that they do not post any information concerning any potential injury claim on any social media and/or networking sites. Always talk to your attorney first; sometimes it's better to not share.

Ben Hutson


About me: I am a Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law, a designation shared by about only 6% of Florida lawyers. I have been a lawyer since 1994, and I currently enjoy helping the injured, people accused of crimes and businesses through the practice of law.