Sealing and Expungement

The job market has become increasingly competitive. You have worked hard and want to set yourself apart from the crowd, but you don't want your resumé moved to the bottom of the stack because of an old charge hanging around on your record.

You may be entitled to get an old record sealed or expunged if:

  • You have no convictions on your record 

  • You have never received a prior sealing or expungement in the state of Florida

Under section 943.0585, Florida Statutes, a person who has had their record expunged may lawfully deny or refuse to acknowledge the arrest(s) covered by the expunged record, with certain exceptions*.

*These exceptions include:

  1. Is a candidate for employment with a criminal justice agency;
  2. Is a defendant in a criminal prosecution;
  3. Concurrently or subsequently petitions for relief under this section or s. 943.059;
  4. Is a candidate for admission to the Florida Bar;
  5. Is seeking to be employed or licensed by or to contract with the Department of Children and Family Services, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, or the Department of Juvenile Justice, or to be employed or used by such contractor or licensee in a sensitive position having direct contact with children, the developmentally disabled, or the elderly;
  6. Is seeking to be employed or licensed by the Department of Education, and district school board, any university laboratory school, any charter school, any private or parochial school, or any local governmental entity that licenses child care facilities; or
  7. Is seeking authorization from a Florida seaport for employment within or access to one or more seaports pursuant to s. 311.12 or s. 311.125.

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